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Adjustable Bed with Legs



This Electric Adjustable Bed Base has been developed for anybody who would like to find different positions to relax in bed. It is becoming more and more popular to sit up in bed to read or to recline in bed and watch television or a film. Sometimes it is just great to recline in bed with your feet up. In general this range provides you with the opportunity to find your perfect relax and sleep position.

This Adjustable Bed can be adjusted to your desired position thus providing you with the ability to maximise your comfort. The five fold adjustable bed base is innovative in design and adjusts to support the five key areas, knees, hips, back, neck & head.

The Devon adjustable bed base incorporates 42 flexible slats which conform and adjust according to pressure, supporting you and providing greater comfort. The Devon base is a shallow divan on legs which allows easy use of over bed tables, hoists and rails which have bases that extend under the bed.

Also available in a Double Bed.

The price includes delivery and installation.

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